Icbom / About

What is ICBOM

Research Center for Security, Defense and Peace is an association formed by students from the Faculty of Security. The purpose of the association is to raise the awareness among the young population of issues related to security, defense, peace, protection of human rights and freedoms.

Our aim and mission is:

  1. Increasing of the youth knowledge and awareness of the security
  2. Defense and peace issues trough trainings
  3. Seminars, conferences and forums
  4. Organization of educational and humanitarian projects
  5. Stiimulation for the security, defense and peace working areas
  6. Development of the nongovernment sector and cooperation
  7. Organization of events and working on projects of security, defense and peace matter
  8. Analyzing, evaluating current security situations with a proper position based on education and knowledge
  9. Professional and scientific exchange and other forms of cooperation with colleges and universities